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Only someone with integrity, love (for people and place) patience & Spiritual strength----could have done what you did!!!!  I tell you truly, as I glanced through the humongous amount of work it took and dedication, the blood in my head dropped down to my feet and I felt light-headed and somewhat in shock at what you pulled together.  You are the miracle that Kula San needed----you became the voice for those who are no longer on earth, besides those that are still living…Melissa and I agree that this book is practically an encyclopedia!




B. Ward


Congratulation and mahalo for doing an extraordinary job of producing “Kula San Maui’s Healing Place.”  From the moment that George bestowed this beautiful and nostalgic gift to me, I have been mesmerized by the poignant, endearing stories and conversations, and historical legacy you have so carefully documented and captured in all 322 pages!

As I was transported to the “40s through the present, vivid recollections of my childhood and teenage years emerged…  I can assure you that everyone who is fortunate enough to read your book will be inspired, refreshed, and most grateful to all the employees, doctors, nurses who touched the lives of all of us in myriad, positive ways.

On behalf of my loving siblings comprised of 8 sisters and 3 brothers, thank you for the countless hours, monies and energy you invested in this precious treasure…I can hear the voices of those you interviewed and feel the love that resonated.


With profound appreciation and much love,

N. Shim-Au


Bravo!  The Kula San Centennial Book is a work of art.  I am really enjoying reading about the days that were long before my time.  I have looked at all the pictures many times as they bring back such wonderful memories…
My father has already read through two thirds of the book.  He is enjoying it and all the memoires it contains… Others I have spoken to …are also enjoying the book too.  

I have especially enjoyed reading about the beginning years of Kula San.  The community of Maui County was so generous and dedicated to this project.  It is a great lesson in how “giving” can improve the lives of so many, actually develop new communities and have an impact of the lives of so many so far in the future.  

You have done a wonderful job producing this beautiful book to hold all those memories and keeping a wonderful story alive. 

Thank you,
M. Andrews


I can't find enough adjectives to tell you what a great job you did - patient, perseverant, creative, etc, etc.. Even after being born and raised in Kula and (employed )at KH, there was so much I learned. I just finished reading the book about an hour ago.