Time to Inhale and Exhale Slowly and Deeply.

I collect books like tailors and dressmakers collect fabrics. They see possibilities and finished products, I don’t want to miss out on a “good read”.  So we collect for the future. The future is here and my collection is overflowing its assigned space.  Now is a great time to inhale and exhale slowly and deeply a few of these collected books my next project. Written stories: wells of replenishment.

Eat Love Pray, 2006, by Elizabeth Gilbert.  This is a book I picked up a few years ago, stashed midway in a pile of “to be read”.  I like her story.  We have a few ideas in common…differences? Yes.  A good page turner.

The Tattoo, and The Queen of Tears by Chris McKinney. Recently recommended. Also page turners. Ancestral agendas and influences are imagined to be in play.